Saturday, August 21, 2010

my video project

what do you think about our environment today..??

Friday, July 30, 2010

let's get away from the grammar for a while..

while i was googelling yesterday..i found this..very interesting..a comparison of computer technology..
this can useful for us, teslians who's taking computer &technology subject..
what do you think..have you seen it before?? there other comparison that you found..share with me here..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun With The Conjunctions..

Since i've started this teaching blog, i found many interesting video relating to conjunctions. In my opinion, this kind of video can be used by teacher as the part of their learning tools.This definitely can be the best introduction so that the students became interested to the topic that they going to learn. Come and join me and let's have a lot of fun with the conjunctions. Click here to see the video.. +Conjunctions+ If you have some other interesting video on conjunctions.Hope you can share it with me..

My Lesson Plan

As a part of my assignment i have to create a lesson plan using conjunction as my topic. So, i have come up with a 60minute teaching&learning involving Form1 students.

Click here to see my Lesson Plan

Do correct me if there is any mistake or error.

Exercise For You..


Subordinating Conjunctions

The majority of conjunctions are "subordinating conjunctions". Common subordinating conjunctions are:
  • after, although, as, because, before, how, if, once, since, than, that, though, till, until, when, where, whether, while

A subordinating conjunction joins a subordinate (dependent) clause to a main (independent) clause
Look at this example:

main or
independent clause
subordinate or
dependent clause
Ram went swimming
it was raining.


A subordinating conjunction always comes at the beginning of a subordinate clause. It "introduces" a subordinate clause. However, a subordinate clause can sometimes come after and sometimes before a main clause. Thus, two structures are possible:

1) Ram went swimming although it was raining

2) Although it was raining, Ram went swimming Tip :
A subordinate or dependent clause "depends" on a main or independent clause. It cannot exist alone. Imagine that somebody says to you: "Hello! Although it was raining." What do you understand? Nothing! But a main or independent clause can exist alone. You will understand very well if somebody says to you: "Hello! Ram went swimming."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jack&Jill Nursery Rhyme

something i found in the internet..using coordinating conjunction..feel free to try and sing along [^_^]