Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun With The Conjunctions..

Since i've started this teaching blog, i found many interesting video relating to conjunctions. In my opinion, this kind of video can be used by teacher as the part of their learning tools.This definitely can be the best introduction so that the students became interested to the topic that they going to learn. Come and join me and let's have a lot of fun with the conjunctions. Click here to see the video.. +Conjunctions+ If you have some other interesting video on conjunctions.Hope you can share it with me..


dnieAlias said...

computer assisted language learning does helps a lot and without a doubt there are many websites out here which provides such platforms for english teachers..
maybe you can create your own games related to conjunction?

Afiqah Abdul Hamid said...

tq miss dnie for the helpful info..
before this i can only depend on other people i can create my own activity..will give it a try..