Friday, July 30, 2010

let's get away from the grammar for a while..

while i was googelling yesterday..i found this..very interesting..a comparison of computer technology..
this can useful for us, teslians who's taking computer &technology subject..
what do you think..have you seen it before?? there other comparison that you found..share with me here..


shimah said...

wah,fiqa..u found a different way in explaining about computers,but could make people easily of all,could give u extra marks for this subject!Who knows..

Afiqah Abdul Hamid said...

yes..that's one of the useful of the internet..i hope this can help us in this subject..

PrinceSs eKa said...

it's something interesting...keep it up the good work..!!!follow my blog ya~~^_^

Afiqah Abdul Hamid said...

tq dear princess..
already follow ur blog..